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Greenwood Plaza Build Lasting Relationships

Greenwood Plaza has been like an oasis in the desert for one builder, Alexander Stewart, a returning resident.

After 31 years in south-east London, Mr. Stewart came home to live and to continue plying his trade as a builder. 

He was recommended to Greenwood Plaza by another builder and has not regretted one moment of the business association that developed from the day he first walked into the hardware store. 

According to Mr. Stewart, Greenwood’s friendly and caring staff is there for every customer and they go the extra mile to please. ‘’Shopping there is a pleasure’’, he said.

His British accent still in strong evidence, Mr. Stewart opined that Greenwood Plaza succeeds because of the strong relationship that Madge ‘Miss P’ Patricia Neil, the Founder and Managing Director has with her staff.

Alexander Stewart




I may be the first, but guaranteed not the last, to tell you that Greenwood Plaza hardware is second to none. The quality of service and caring assistance when you order on the phone or when you visit is unmatched. I ordered an L Shape bath room metal rod. Even though it was not in stock, they assured me I would get it in 3 days. I did and they also offered to deliver it to me.  They don't stop there, they showed me  how it should installed and ensure that I have all the fittings  to do the installation.

That's not all, I have to save the best for last. The service is amazing,  the service was personalized and when I ask for help, they followed me physically through the isles with instruction.   I also used their money service, they were patient and cooperative and friendly .You won't find better service and you won't find better people.

Greenwood Plaza  for all you've done.

Jesse Brissett