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7 Backsplash Tiling and Grouting Tips for Beginners

Backsplash tiling is the best way to add a splash of color to your home that mirrors the rich landscape of Jamaica. However, installing a backsplash isn’t as simple as sticking tiles on a wall and hoping it works. It requires a certain degree of finesse to achieve an elegant outcome that will maintain its beauty for years to come. Follow the tips for tiling backsplash we’ve shared below and ensure a stunning result tailored for your home!

1. Choose a Lively Color Palette

Our number one backsplash grouting tip is to let the beauty outside your home inspire the colors for your backsplash tiles. If the rest of your home has a subdued aesthetic, then decadent colors such as sun-kissed oranges and yellows, lush greens, and deep ocean blues will stand out in contrast and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Play With Patterns Close to Home

Embrace the expressive nature and rhythmic patterns of Caribbean art and textiles in your backsplash by opting for tiles with loud geometric designs, intricate mosaics, or playful nature-inspired patterns such as hibiscus flowers, palm trees, and hummingbirds.

3. Match the Color of the Grout

This backsplash grouting tip is essential for the overall finish of your work. Your adhesive and grout color should complement the tile and enhance its beauty. Neutral gray or sandy beige looks excellent with vibrant tiles and offers a clean finish.

4. Prepare the Surface and Visualize First

Before you begin laying out your tiles, ensure there is no dirt, grease, or residue on the surface and that everything is clean, dry, and smooth. Invest in a quality tile cutter for a precise fit, and lay out your tiles on the wall before applying adhesive to ensure the backsplash looks how you visualize it. These are essential tips for tiling backsplash.

5. Clean Up Often While Grouting

Tiling equipment laid out on a countertop

This is an important backsplash grouting tip for achieving a clean finish. Apply the grout in small sections using a rubber float and wipe away excess grout on the tiles with a damp sponge as you go to prevent the excess grout from hardening on the tile surface.

6. Consider the Durability of the Materials

You want your backsplash to remain a highlight for many years, so choose porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles that can weather wear and tear. Another backsplash grouting tip is choosing a grout sealant that can handle humidity and protect your backsplash and the wall from water damage.

7. Opt for Quality, Local Materials

Our final tip for tiling backsplash is to use materials sourced locally at Greenwood Plaza. Even if you find a place with international shipping or plan to transport tiles yourself, there is a greater risk of tiles being broken during transport. Not to mention, you may need to purchase more tiles if your calculations are just a little off or you make a mistake during installation. 

In Jamaica, Greenwood Plaza has been a trusted name on the island since 1982. We offer island-wide delivery and with us, you can be assured of consistent quality every time. Get in touch if you need any backsplash grouting tips or shop backsplash tiles online in Jamaica now!

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