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Greenwood Plaza: Tiles, Tools, Hardware, and More

From your furniture to the paint and art on your walls, how you decorate your house should represent your unique style. Fortunately, at Greenwood Plaza, we can help your home say everything you want it to say with our variety of decor, tools, and hardware in Jamaica. But we don’t stop there. Stop in our store, and we’ll help you stock your pantry. We’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to upgrade your space and keep it feeling like home.

Click & Collect

Place your order online; then pick it up in our hardware store! It’s that easy!

Islandwide Delivery

Too busy for a trip to the store? Order online and receive your order at home.

Chat With Us

Send us a message on WhatsApp; we’ll gladly answer your questions!


Ready to shop? We’ve got three locations. Find a store near you!

New Arrivals

Out with the old, in with the new! Freshen up your space with the newest arrivals at Greenwood Plaza. From high-quality tools and hardware to trendy decor, we’ve got your home covered from floor to ceiling.

Appliances & More

From air fryers and wet vacs to air conditioners, water heaters, and water tanks, we’ve got everything it takes to keep your home running like a dream. Take full advantage of our great deals below!

Shop Our Products

Shop tiles, lighting, paint, vanities, faucets, tools, hardware, and more at Greenwood Plaza. Make your house feel even more like home by ordering today!

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We love hearing how we’re making a difference in our customers’ lives across Jamaica! At Greenwood Plaza, customer satisfaction will always be our number-one goal. Check out our latest customer testimonials!

The Greenwood Plaza has become a hallmark of service and community but more importantly of family, as it remains a solidly
family run operation. It represents the best of what Jamaica has to offer in terms of customer service and commitment to community building.

Hon. Edmund Bartlett,

Over the years, the Company has expanded to provide residents across western Jamaica with superior products and services in the hardware and construction industry, home improvement, food and general provisions industry, financial and gaming businesses. Your manner and quality of service across all sectors is unmatched.

Sen. Charles Sinclair

Their customer
centricity, reliability, flexibility and efforts to provide as they say 
"from a pin to an anchor" make them a "one stop shop" that
stands tall. 

Marline Stephenson-Dalley

Greenwood Plaza Company Limited (GWP) has distinguished itself through the provision of unmatched logistics and customer
service... Truly, we can attest to the fact that GWP stands by its mantra, ‘We stock from a pin to an anchor’.

Dayle O. Evans

Holland High School

Your customers are
served with decency, dignity and civility...

Rev. Devere Nugent

We have been doing business with Greenwood Plaza (Hardware) since they began operations and have enjoyed a very good business relationship with the company.

They are professional, efficient and display excellent customer service orientation at all times.

Anthony Smikle

Procurement Manager

Rose Hall (Developments) Limited

Ideas, Inspiration & Tips

If interior decorating, gardening, and home improvement are your favorite pastimes, you’re in great company with Greenwood Plaza. We’ll show you how to enhance the look and feel of your home, and have fun doing it.


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Why Choose Greenwood Plaza

Greenwood Plaza is your family-owned neighborhood supermarket and tools/hardware store. We sell everything from a pin to an anchor. The best part? We offer online shopping and convenient pickup service. Shop now and get island-wide delivery today!