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Greenwood Plaza is “the” online store Jamaicans come to for their day-to-day needs, whether it’s groceries, building supplies, home decor, or something else, because we stock everything from a pin to an anchor. We’ve been serving the island for over 40 years, helping individuals and contractors source the supplies they need to turn their dream projects into reality. Contact us today for more information or assistance finding something.

Your Preferred Online Jamaican Store

You love the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home, and we love bringing it to you. With Greenwood Plaza, you can order your daily necessities and home renovation supplies with just a few taps of your fingers.

Need tiles, tools, hardware, or personal care items for your little one? Our range is extensive, so you’ll find many options to choose from for all your needs. We also offer countertop fabrication and installation services to help you set up the most practical and aesthetic kitchen. Contact us today to learn more!

Everything You Need

Greenwood Plaza is a family-owned store that combines a supermarket with tools, hardware, and even furniture and decor. We pride ourselves on supplying everything from a pin to an anchor. If you need something, check with us; we probably have it.

We’ve built a name for ourselves on the island since our launch in 1982. You can place your order online for island-wide delivery or pick it up in-store if you’re free. Sign up now to become a valued part of our family-owned Jamaican store online.