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Elevate Decorative Skirting Moulding in White #FD2

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  • A clean and minimalistic design makes the FD2 WALLSTYL® skirting the perfect finishing touch to modern interiors. The FD2 provides a harmonious transition between the floor and wall. Aesthetically, the FD2 WALLSTYL® skirting is simplistic, featuring a single line detail which flows in parallel with the lines of the floor and ceiling.As well as being visually appealing, the FD2 skirting protects against the impact of busy living, such as cleaning and children playing.
  • Advantages of FD2 WALLSTYL® skirting:
  • Waterproof and humidity resistant
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Lightweight material
  • Simple installation
  • The FD2 WALLSTYL® skirting arrives primed and ready for painting, or if required the mouldings can be ordered with a factory finish in many RAL or NCS colours (for orders over 500 linear metres). High density polystyrene is suitable for all home and business environments thanks to the impact resistant and waterproof properties. Additionally, the mouldings are lightweight so installation is fast and precise.