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Echo Mist Blower DM-6120

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The ECHO DM-6120 mist blower provides around 10% more power than its predecessor. A finely tuned 58.2 cm³ professional grade, 2-Stroke engine ensures excellent performance. The myriad improvements in design provide greater efficiency, power and accuracy.

Features to increase your productivity.

The translucent chemical and fuel tanks mean you know when you're running low. The special fan and housing design provides better flow of chemicals alongside an adjustable nozzle for a variety of discharge volumes (6 dials in total).


The DM-6120 is capable of performing a wide range of tasks, from spraying of liquids and fogs to seeds, feed and other agricultural granules.

Packed with professional features

Weighing just 11.5kg and designed for comfort during rigorous daily commercial application, you'll get through jobs faster with far less fatigue.

Product Details.

Engine displacement (cm³) 58.2
Output (kw) 2.8
Output (ps) 3.40
Dry Weight (kg) 11.2
Fuel tank capacity (l) 1700.00
Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power (L/h) 1.8
Chemical Tank Capacity (L) 23.0
Average Air Volume (m³/h) 684
Misting Max. Discharge (L/min) 4.6
Dusting Max. Discharge (kg/min) 5
Granule Max. Discharge (kg/min) 18