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Edgechem Degreaser - Quart

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About Edgechem Degreaser

EdgeChem’s Degreaser is designed to remove wax, silicone, oil and grease that may prejudice the topcoat adhesion and final appearance.


Boiling Point : 149C Flash Point : 37.8C Specific Gravity : 0.793


For cleaning and degreasing metal surfaces before they are top coated.


When a repair is to be made or a finish is to be recoated, the first thing to do is invariably to clean and degrease the body panel under treatment. Wet a clean cloth and clean/degrease the surface under treatment. Immediately thereafter, rub the surface dry with clean, dry cloths. Always use two cloths, as one cloth will merely shift rather than remove dirt and grease. The purpose of cleaning and degreasing is to remove residual grease, oil, wax, silicones, sand, etc. If this is omitted, then residual dirt will get stuck in scratch marks when they are flatted. Adhesion of the paint system subsequently applied to the contaminated surface will be poor and the finish will come off after some time.