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HD5790 Ceramic Floor Tile 23" X 23"

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Type: LINE 58x58

Size: 58x58

Location of Use: LE - Recommended for use as flooring in all residential environments. Can be used in wet areas and uncovered areas. It can also be used in LA, LB, LC and LD locations .

Faces: 3

Finish: Greater Slip Resistance - We DO NOT recommend using ceramic floors on external sidewalks (public sidewalks), in swimming pool areas or on ramps (regardless of their inclination), as this may cause the risk of slipping. For swimming pool surrounds, it is recommended to use stone, wood or concrete.

Tonal Classification: V3 - Moderate Variation

Area: Residential Internal and External Floors

Technical Data

Technical Size: 58x58
Dimension: 579.3 mm x 579.3 mm x 7.9 mm
Minimum Joint: 5 mm
Pieces/Box: 7
m2/Box: 2.32 m2
Height/Box: 60.0 mm
Weight/Box: 36.0 kg
Kg/m2: 15.52 kg/m2
Boxes/Pallet: 48
Ballasts/Pallet: 2
m2/Pallet: 111.36 m2
Width/Pallet: 1.00 m
Length/Pallet: 1.00 m
Height /Pallet: 1.37 m
Weight/Pallet: 1728 kg
Stacking/Pallet: 4 pallets