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Milano Porcelain Floor Tile 30" X 30"

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Type: Premium Line - Rectified and Waterproof
Size: 75.5x75.5 (RT)
Place of Use: LC - Suitable for use as flooring in all internal residential environments without access to external areas. Cannot be used in garages and uncovered areas. Can also be used in LA and LB.
Sides: 4
Finish: Waterproof Satin
Tonal Classification: V3 - Moderate Variation
Area: Residential Internal Floors
*We recommend the use of levelers

Technical Data Technical
Size: 75.5x75.5 (RT)
Dimension: 755.0 mm x 755.0 mm x 8.7 mm
Minimum Joint: 2 mm
Pieces/Box: 4
m2/Box: 2.28 m2
Height/Box: 37.0 mm
Weight/Box: 40 kg