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Decorative Skirting Moulding in White - #IL10

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  • 2M/6FT
  • The IL10 White  lighting profile’s linear and simplistic design, along with its soft black semi-mat finish helps set the stage for characterful wall design. Light emerging from the top of the profile emphasises walls and their composition. Its simplistic nature also lends the profile a certain versatility; it can thus be installed in different directions and on other sections of the wall.
  • The IL10 WhiteWALLSTYL® is equipped with a diffusor which dims and distributes the light evenly so that the LEDs are no longer visible. The black diffusor is almost invisible when the LED lights are off and creates a completely different shade of light when they are on. The profiles of the BLACK collection contain recycled materials and are themselves 100% recyclable.