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Berger Rust Pro Enamel Black 3.8 Litres

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Berger RustPro is a light industrial grade anti-rust enamel made for a tropical environment. It is a high-performance coating for both interior and exterior metal & wood. Berger RustPro dries to a rust resistant, scrubbable, stain resistant film. Special formula modifications result in a tile-like coating which can take years of use and abuse without chipping or flaking. FINISHES -GLOSSY Surface preparation: New metal and repainted surfaces must be clean and free from dirt and grease Remove rust and scale by wire brushing Apply one coat of Berger RustPro Primer or Berger Red Oxide Primer Clean the surface of aluminium/galvanized metal with no.2 reducer to remove any grease Treat the surface with Berger Self-Etch Primer For new wood surface must be clean, dry and free from dirt Seal knots with Berger Knotting varnish Apply one coat of Berger Wood Primer before top-coating For previously painted wood sand where necessary