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Pentax Hidrotank-H1 Electronic Flow and Pressure Controller 220V

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  • Automatic start  and stop operations of  single-phases electric pumps up to 2 HP
  • Replacement of the traditional water system set consisting on pressure switch and pressure tank
  • Control the starting of the electric pump after a pressure decrease (taps opening) and stopping when the fluid flow interrupt at the maximum pressure level of the electric pumps (taps closing)
  • Protection against dry running
  • Starting pressure adjustable during the installation
  • Standard 1”M hydraulic connections
  • Installation in any position-both vertical and horizontal - according to the flow direction
  • Easily replaceable electronic printed circuit board.
  • No need of maintenance
  • Thanks to the 0,4 lt. tank  it protects  from  the  frequent start-stop required by small request of water and from anylosses into the system
  • Protection of the  electronic  board  thanks to the new watertight compartment
  • Protection from water-hammer
  • New design and new concept
  • Built in 0,4 lt. tank
  • Built in pressure gauge
  • Watertight electronic part


  • Power supply 110-230V ac ± 10% 50/60Hz
  • Max rated current 12 A
  • Starting pressure range 1 - 3,5 bar
  • Max pressure 10 bar Protection degree IP65
  • Max fluid temperature 35 °C