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Rio Pelotas Bo Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile 12" X 12"

Original price $250.00 - Original price $250.00
Original price
$250.00 - $250.00
Current price $250.00


Style Cementitious
Increased watermark resistance No
Relief No
shade variation V4
number of faces 5
Seating direction No
part thickness 8.5mm


area per box 1.95 m²
Number of pieces per box 20
gross weight per box 29.90 kg
area per pallet 122.90 m²
boxes per pallet 63
gross pallet weight 1,950.00 kg
Area per pallet (special/export) 81.90 m²
Cartons per pallet (special/export) 42
Gross pallet weight (special/export) 1,272.00 kg
pallets per container 21
area per container 1,719.90 m²