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45907 Isla Ceramic Floor Tile 18" X 18"

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Product feature

The floor tile 45907 Isla from Cristalle revestimentos is produced with the most innovative processes in the market. The floor tile can be used in environments such as balconies, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and for some types of trade. It has only one face (only one design) the settlement can be done by default or merged (type mooring).


  • Reference: 45907 ISLA
  • Indication to use: COMMERCIAL - Suitable for indoor and outdoor residential and commercial environments, excluding areas with very high traffic + LA + LB + LC locations
  • Easy of cleaning: With water, very easy cleaning
  • Chemical resistance: Use only chemicals recommended by the manufacturer
  • Board of settlement: 5 mm
  • Scratch resistance: Medium resistance to scratch
  • Texture: Granilha
  • Change of tone: Uniform


  • Thickness: 6,8 mm
  • Resistance to cracking: Resistant
  • M² pallet: 144 m²
  • Absorption group: Bllb (6% a 10%)
  • M² box: 2,25 m² (11 tiles per box)
  • M² pieces: 5,0
  • Weight box: 31 kg