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Basic construction tools hanging on a wooden board in a garage.

Basic Construction Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Every homeowner knows having the right set of construction tools can make a huge difference in everything from minor repairs to major renovations. And whether it’s the lush greenery of Montego Bay or the bustling streets of Kingston, it doesn’t matter where you live. Everything in this basic construction tools list is an essential tool that everyone should have in their arsenal for basic home maintenance. 

1. Screwdriver Set

A set of screwdrivers will come in handy when you need to fix loose screws or assemble new furniture, electronics, and appliances, such as that grill you’ll need to break out for your Carribean-style BBQ party.

2. Hammer

A black & silver claw hammer from Tolsen

Want to put up artwork? Fix furniture? Or hang a simple picture frame? Then a hammer is necessary. It’s the most basic of construction tools every Jamaican should have. Get one with a comfortable grip.

3. Tape Measure

Any DIY home improvement project you decide to undertake would require a tape measure for precise measurements. Get one ASAP to ensure everything comes together exactly the way you imagined!

4. Saw

Whether you’re building your dream house, creating unique furniture, or giving your fixer-upper furnishings a makeover, you’ll need a saw to get the job done right. Invest in a quality handsaw, circular saw, or jigsaw for quick fixes and transforming raw materials into functional pieces.

5. Utility Knife

A silver utility knife from Tolsen

The utility knife is next in our basic construction tools list, an indispensable tool in every Jamaican artisan and DIY enthusiast’s home for carving wood, seamlessly cutting through different materials, or simply opening up packages!

6. Spirit Level

Crooked hangings can make even the most dazzling of homes unseemly. You want everything to be aligned and leveled just right, whether it’s a shelf, a mirror, or an artwork. A spirit level is a small investment for preventing uneven installations.

7. Pliers

Every savvy homeowner owns a pair of slip-joint and needle-nose pliers in their house because they’re basic construction tools needed for electrical work and crafting. They can make the task of holding, bending, or cutting objects a breeze.

8. Drilling Machine

A black and red drill hammer from Ski

A drilling machine or a cordless drill are prerequisites for DIY home improvement projects. They’re the easiest solution for boring holes into hard objects. If you’re planning heavy construction work, go for a drilling machine. Otherwise, a cordless drill would be sufficient.

9. Safety Gear

Your safety should be of the utmost importance whenever you’re working with different tools and materials. Invest in quality safety gear such as gloves, glasses, and a dust mask to protect yourself and work on your projects without any worries.

Shop Construction Tools Online

You can shop for the basic construction tools in this list and other home improvement essentials at Greenwood Plaza to have them delivered anywhere on the Jamaican island. Or you can come in person to pick up your order and get started on your projects without delay. We offer 30-day exchanges on all products, so shop now!

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