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How to Clean Outdoor Tiles

You’re having a family gathering. Everyone’s favorite foods are scattered on every table. You can’t help but feel on top of the world and right at home in your tile-covered outdoor space. When the festivities are over, though, someone has to clean up the mess. 

The great news? Keeping your outdoor tiles looking new doesn’t have to be complicated and can instantly breathe new life into your family’s favorite gathering space. Let’s explore how to clean outdoor tiles.

Sweeping Your Tiles

Regularly sweeping your outdoor living space is an easy way to make your outdoor tiles look clean. Sweeping removes dirt that can stain or ruin your tiles if left too long. Break up clumps of debris on your floor with a broom, and sweep them into your lawn or a dustpan to throw them away. A pressure washer may be necessary to remove hard-to-remove debris. Use a low pound-per-square-inch (psi) setting since a high one may harm your tiles.

patio with table and outdoor lounge chairs

Scrubbing and Wiping Your Tiles

Use a solution of vinegar (one cup) and warm water (two gallons) to further clean your outdoor tiles. Scour the tiles using a solid scrub brush until all filthy, stained, and sticky areas appear spotless. Avoid using a metal brush since it may scratch your tiles and shed small metal particles that could rust over time. Wash your tiles with water once you’re finished using the vinegar solution.


Are you having trouble getting the brush into tight, tiny areas of your tiles? A stiff toothbrush is all you need to access these spaces. Toothbrushes can be especially helpful in cleaning your tile floor’s grout lines. Use a grout cleaner to make these lines look bright again.

A DIY cleaner is simple to make: Mix dish soap (a tablespoon), baking soda (half a cup), and hydrogen peroxide (a fourth of a cup) in a spray bottle, and apply the mix to your grout lines. Let it sit for at least five minutes before scrubbing the grout.

Soap and Water

Water mixed with mild dish soap is an alternative solution for cleaning outdoor tiles. Use a mop or wet cloth to clean the tiles with this soapy solution, and rinse the floor. Dry the tiles with a towel.

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